Who We Are?

We stand for: Honesty. Precision. Integrity. Innovation. Value.

Poseidon Marine Engineers (PSDN) began its journey at Cochin Shipyard Limited, India in 2011 as a joint venture. PSDN is an ISO-certified company with its registered office at Cochin. The firm began with the objective of undertaking Shipbuilding and Ship Repair services. We have a customer-centric project delivery approach which has helped us to gather a huge customer base over the years. Within a short-time frame; through sheer hard work, dedication and reliability, we have been able to make it to the International Vendor List.

We focus on delivering the highest quality standards and transparency in all our activities. The critical projects carried out by the company are the standing proof of our unmatched potential and reputation in the industry. We are an ideal example of an emerging company with extremely good work practices. PSDN comprises experienced engineers, skilled technicians, and craftsmen. Currently, we have completed over 1500+ allocated works in various areas.

We are a ship building company that was built ground up on our core values and the goodwill that we have received from our happy customers. Our customers are our focus, we have always achieved our growth through them. As a company we strive for excellence while maintaining our integrity through all our operations. Our team of well-trained professionals equipped with the best products, tools and technologies guarantee to deliver the best services every time!

Our major works are:

  • Installation of 5 Passenger Lift for 3rd party
  • Installation of 2 Food Lift for 3rd party
  • Erection & Hydraulics of 2 Sac Lifts for 3rd party
  • Block Fabrication & Grand Assembly for CSL
  • Hull erection works, Revision works and other Outfit works in ADS for CSL
  • Construction of Tuna Long Liner cum Gillnetter Fishing Vessel (14 Nos)
  • Construction of Marine Ambulance Boat (3Nos)
  • Electrical works for CSL.


  • Installation of 2 Hanger Doors and Turn Table for
    MacGregor Sweden AB
  • Manufacturing of Shaft Alignment Trolley Fabrication for Cochin Shipyard Ltd as per Fincantieri Design, Italy
  • Manufacturing of Shaft Rotating Tool for Cochin Shipyard Ltd as per Fincantieri Design, Italy
  • AFT Turning Table on-board structure Fabrication for
    Cochin Shipyard Ltd.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to provide world-class services in shipbuilding and ship repair to satisfy the needs of shipping companies with reliable, high-quality, fast & professional repair and reconstruction of ships. We aim to provide excellent services to the customers globally and build long-term relationships with them along with increasing the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services. We maintain focus on quality, safety and ownership in all aspects of our work.

Our Vision

Success through service... Service with reliability and dedication

Our vision is to be a contemporary organization in shipbuilding; to remain committed to satisfying our valued customer’s needs, saving the environment, and motivating our employees. To become a company of preferred choice; while providing high quality and most cost-effective services to all our customers; by exercising complete transparency, higher expertise level, and fullest commitment as our top-most priority.

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